In this GameBoy Advance title from THQ, based on the Dreamworks animated feature film, boys and girls take on the role of Little Creek or Little Brooke, who must find and rescue wild horses in the unspoiled American Old West. A storm has scattered the herd, and Spirit himself has been captured by cattle rustlers!

The player must first tame each horse and then guide the animal safely to Homeland, through forests, prairies, deserts and even caves. Along the way the player and her horse will come across creatures both friendly and unfriendly. And throughout these journeys, the player must maintain a caring, trusting relationship with the horse.

Featuring cutting-edge graphics and highly engaging interaction between the player and the horses, Spirit is targeted at an audience of 7 - 13 year-old girls, with an ancillary audience of 10 - 13 year-old boys. Now available in stores.

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